Day One: 6 Sep 2022 Theme: Pro-People Space Policies

Space policy linkage in social systems is key to the sustainability of social systems. With many governments developing space policies, this day will address how space policies can address the challenges in social systems and improve the quality of life. The following will be tackled: Space policies and urbanization; Space policies and climate change; Space policies and national security. 



Day Two: 7 Sep 2022 Theme: People and Planet Earth


This will look at how the use of Earth observation technology and innovation is changing the quality of life through improved decision-making. The last decade has seen significant improvements in EO data sharing and developments in GIS platforms, improved capabilities for data access and analysis, and visualization, with tremendous impact on informed decision making. EO information plays a key role in supporting resilience building, as well as monitoring gains in climate change adaptation and mitigation. 



Day Three: 8 Sep 2022 Theme: Planning for a resilient people

Earth observation is a great tool for collecting data for planning, implementation, and monitoring projects that improve the resilience of people against vulnerabilities from climate change. The sessions here will address the use of EO and geo-spatial technologies in the design of future development plans in urban planning, health and pandemics, water use, environmental integrity, etc.